Law students, LLM students, and judicial clerks seeking government internships or post-graduate honors programs are confronted with the time-consuming task of determining what federal, state, or local government departments offer such programs. What applicants desire is a single, current and continually updated comprehensive source of available programs in an easy to access on-line publication.

This Handbook provides application deadlines, applicant qualifications, and details on the selection process. It also describes each employer’s mission and organizational structure, as well as deadline tables (arranged alphabetically by agency and law school class year), GS salary schedules, tips for finding housing in Washington DC and other locations, government regulations for hiring non-citizens, and information about government background checks. Although this information is publicly available, it is dispersed throughout the various governmental departments that offer these programs.


This resource provides graduate and undergraduate students with an interest in public policy administration and analysis with resources for internships and after-graduation positions with think tanks, advocacy organizations, federal agencies and other institutions engaged in policy analysis and implementation.

The Handbook lists hundreds of programs in areas of policy such as health care, national security, civil rights, constitutional law, etc. Details about the programs include deadlines, desired applicant qualifications, the application and selection process. It describes each employer’s mission and organizational structure, provides links to employer web sites, deadline tables, and searches by city, topic area, and organization name.


The Government Honors & Internship Handbook and the Public Policy Handbook have been in continuous publication since 2001 and 2005 respectively, in cooperation with the University of Arizona Rogers College of Law. The original authors, Mary Birmingham and Paula Nailon, are former practicing lawyers and Assistant Deans who have 30 plus years as legal career professionals. Though the authors retired in 2014 from the College of Law, they will continue to publish the Handbooks under Arizona Handbooks, L.L.C., as licensed from the University of Arizona Board of Regents.


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